Step-by-Step Instructions to Deploy and Operate Python Web Apps

Full Stack Python books and video courses provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for you to learn how to deploy and operate your own projects created with the Django or Flask web frameworks. The content in these books is new and different from what's found on the Full Stack Python website and not available anywhere else, except for the Full Stack Python Supporter's Edition ebook.


Full Stack Python is the ebook version of the Full Stack Python website that helps to support work on the open source project.
All of the content in this book is also available online for free on Full Stack Python. However, if you want a well-formatted PDF, MOBI and EPUB version to read and want to support continued work on this project you can purchase this solo or as part of a bundle on Gumroad.
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Deploying Flask Web Applications (currently unavailable)

Learn to deploy your Flask web applications to a server and automate the process so you can redeploy using continuous integration every time you commit new code.
Throughout the book you'll take an example open source Python web application through a complete deployment on a virtual private server. Throughout the book you will first learn how to perform every part of the deployment manually then once the manual deployment is complete we will automate everything with the configuration management tool Ansible. The Ansible playbooks will then be ready for you to modify and use for your own projects with the full knowledge of how everything fits together.
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Video Courses

Arm yourself with the Ansible configuration management tool for configuring servers and deploying applications.
In this video course you will learn to write your own Ansible playbooks by going deep into the Ansible core concepts such as modules, tasks, roles, templates and YAML syntax and encryption.
Learn more about the Introduction to Ansible course on Talk Python Training.
Many courses will teach you about the technology involved in building a web application. Fewer courses teach you what it actually takes to launch that product as an operating online business. Python for Entrepreneurs is here to teach you both how to build your website and everything needed to make it a functioning online business.
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